I was extremely reluctant to embrace the changes that Emileigh suggested.  How could the foods I've been eating and enjoying all my life be the responsible culprits? But, I have to say, that after only a few weeks on my new regime, my body felt better.  Now it's not about what I've had to give up, it's just a change... The new me! Thank you!

     We live in a society that thrives on stress.  Balancing work, activities, family and friends doesn't always allow for time to focus on your own personal needs.  Your health and well-being are forgotten, often until it's too late.  Fatigue, digestive issues and frequent illness have become the new norm.
Let's create a new normal. 
     We are in an era of natural health and supposed "super-foods."  Remember, advertising is the game and the goal is to have you buy their products. Everywhere you turn, the benefits of these products are being pushed. Understanding what is real and what is just good marketing, is not easy.  That's where I can help.
     With almost a decade of experience working in some of Canada's finest restaurants, I take this culinary expertise and combine it with my education in holistic nutrition.  Together we can sift through the fact and the fiction.  I managed to heal my body.  Through personalized consultations, you also can learn how to achieve optimal health, even with your hectic schedule!

*These services are designed to aid in improving the overall health and well-being of a client and not to treat or diagnose any medical condition.
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